Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I send the information for my webpage?

A. WebSpawner is a complete webpage creation system, with easy-to-use interactive online tools. You need not send information to any address; rather, you create your own website using our simple step-by-step process. To get started just fill out the short form found on our homepage.

Q. How do I change my webpage?

A. Go through the modification process by choosing the website you wish to modify from the Members Menu. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make changes to your webpage. Complete the modification process by clicking "Save" at the top of the website builder.

You may modify your webpage as often as you like at NO charge. The modification process, as well as the creation process, is available 24 hours a day!

Q. If I provide my email address to WebSpawner, will I get unwanted "spam" emails?

A. No... WebSpawner dislikes "spam" messages very much, maybe even more than you do!

WebSpawner will send only occasional emails regarding the status of your webpage account and related services provided by WebSpawner (note that you may decline these at any time by adjusting the Options in your account). WebSpawner Customer Service will respond to any emailed requests for assistance which you may send. To ensure that you can receive assistance with your account, please be sure to provide a valid email address which you will check periodically.

Webspawner will NOT share, sell or rent your email address to other companies or individuals. WebSpawner also prohibits its members from using WebSpawner's services to send "spam" emails to others.

Q. How come you guys can give webpages away for free? What's the catch?

A.There is no catch, really. We give away free Basic pages with simple features in the hope that our customers will one day choose to Enhance their webpages for a nominal monthly fee, starting at $4.99. However, customers are under no obligation to do so.

Q. What does upgrading my account provide?

A.Enhancing your account for the minimal fee of $4.99 a month removes the advertising banners from your webpage, in addition to providing you with access to the following great Enhanced account features:

  • Choose from hundreds of website themes
  • Upload your logo
  • Unlimited storage
  • Add Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons to your site
  • A free blog
  • Pull Facebook and Twitter feeds into your blog
  • Add your own video or choose from Youtube, Hulu, and Google Video
  • Google maps
  • Custome contact forms
  • A new, improved, modern photo gallery
  • Instant Paypal button
  • $50 in Google ad words credit
  • Mobile version of site
  • Facebook page creator
  • Google Places integration
  • Listing with Localeze

These options make it very easy and very inexpensive to maintain a great multi-page site full of features suitable for personal or business use.

Q. Can I use my own domain name with my webpage?

A.Yes. Register a domain of your choosing through Webspawner, and we can point your domain to your website to work with your domain. There is NO additional charge to point the domain for Enhanced account members. For more information and assistance contact WebSpawner Customer Service through the "Customer Service" tab in the Members Menu.

Q. I don't use credit cards. Can I use a personal check or money order?

A.Yes, WebSpawner does have a check payment plan. Please use the pay by check method in the checkout process.

Q. Is it safe to provide WebSpawner with my credit card information online?

A.Yes, WebSpawner uses SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") connections to encrypt the billing information entered into the secure online order forms provided. Your card will only be billed for the services that you select on the order form.

Q. How do I find my webpage using search engines? (How do I register?)

A.After your webpage has been indexed by the search engines, it may be found by anyone searching for related keywords as it will be returned among the search result listings. The length of time varies from one search engine to another in respect to how long it will take to include your listing. While some search engines may include a newly-submitted site very soon, others (especially the larger, more popular engines) may take as many as 6-8 weeks to review a submitted site and include it in its search listings.

For more information about search engines and website promotion, see the "Premium Services" tab in the Members Menu.

Q. Can I have multiple pages under one address?

A.Yes, Enhanced and above account members can create multiple pages under one account. An automated linking option is provided to link the URLs for all pages and create a functioning, multi-page website.

Q. Can I put HTML code in my Webpage?

A.Yes, you may insert HTML code into the body text area of your webpage. Be sure not to include header and footer information, as our system automatically provides that information. (See the next Question for more information about adding HTML code.)

Q. May I include a banner in my webpage? If so, how?

A. You may include banners in your webpage. To do so, you must insert the HTML code provided to you by the source of the banner into the body text area of your webpage between begin and end markers. For example:

HTML code for the banner
is placed here between the


These markers notify the WebSpawner Engine that it should not filter any of the information within the confines of the markers. In this manner the resulting HTML code is written properly to your webpage. Begin and end markers should be used any time you add HTML code to your webpage.

Q. How do I add an image?

A. If you have an Enhanced page, go to the 'Image' step in the modification process, select the option to add an image and then follow the instructions provided to upload the image from your computer. If your web browser does not support the image upload process then attach your .gif or .jpg image to an e-mail message along with the account name and password for your webpage and we will upload your image for you. Send the image to:

Q. I have read through the FAQ but I still have questions?

A.If you have a question that has not been answered by our FAQ then please go to the orange "Customer Service" tab in the Members Menu and click the 'Contact Customer Service' link. Enter your questions, and one of our helpful WebConsultants will respond promptly. Customer Service is available 7 days a week.