Working with Pages

Adding pages to your WebSpawner site couldn't be easier. Simply go to the top and find the "Page" drop-down box. Go to "Add New Page" and you will find a box. Decide what the Page Name is going to be, as well as the Page eType (Normal or Blog) and whether you are going to add it to the Main Menu.

You have "Page Options" that give you a chance to change the title, as well as add a meta description and keywords for the sake of being found in the search engines.

When you click on the Page tab, then "Manage Pages" in the top menu, you'll be able to re-work the menu order for the different pages in your WebSpawner site.

Simply click on the 'Move' buttons to start moving these elements around. You can also "Edit" or "Delete" pages on your site from there.

If you want to remove a page from the main menu, or hide a page in another area of the site, simply click on the Hide button (next to "Edit and "Delete" in the Manage Pages box) and save the changes you have made.

Note that the hidden page(s) still exist and you can link it to it and discover it, but it wont be reflected on the main navigation menu. You will see it in "Hidden Pages" which is part of the "Manage Pages" section.

Again, all of this is accessible from the "Page" menu at the top left of your WebSpawner interface.