Register a Custom Domain

If you want your own domain (e.g., you can acquire it through our partner SiberName .

After you have your domain name registered, It only requires a few steps, and then it will become available shortly after saving and publishing your work.

Go to the "Site" drop-down box and choose "Settings." Then you'll go to "Custom Domain."

Enter your desired domain name along with the extension (a choice between .com, .net, .biz, .org or .co). All the traffic you were getting with any previous settings, such as a sub-domain, will go right to your new custom domain.

Take note - the name you choose may already be taken. If so, you'll get an "X" next to the name you typed in. If it is available, you'll see a check mark.

You may have to go through a few tries to get a domain name you can use, so have a few possibilities in mind.

Once you've chosen an available domain go through the purchase process. Once you are done, your website will automatically point your site to your new domain name.