Launch a Blog

In WebSpawner, you have the opportunity to add a blog to your site, and it operates with a very high level of functionality. To create one, all you have to do is refer to the right-hand menu on the interface (the one with the black background) and look for the fourth icon, with reads "Blog."

Drag and drop the blog module onto the page, or freate a separate page with a blog and place it into your main navigation.

To write blog posts; well, it couldn't be any simpler. You'll have complete content editing options at your disposal, including the ability to change font styles and sizes, create links, italicize, make bold face type, underline it, and much more.

And managing your blog posts is very easy. It can be done in a couple of different ways. Go to the "Site" drop-down box and click "Settings." Then go to "Blog Settings." There you will be able to establish your Author's Name, and how you want to handle comments, as well as whether you want to require email validation for those making comments. You will also be able to create an RSS feed for your blog as well.

Once you have the blog, you can click the "Blog" icon in the right-hand menu and you can manage any of your posts or categories.