Initial Parts: Text

First Step: How to Add Text Content to Your Site

Using the modules that are available, you can add any element of content to your site. A pretty good place to start is with text, because this is where you can be most expressive with your own words.

We do this through the use of something called the "Content Editor."

Finding it is easy; just go to the right-hand panel and click "Modules." As that menu pops out you'll see it under "Text & Forms." Just drag the Content Editor, drop it anywhere you want on the page, and then type whatever strikes your fancy.

You're going to find a host of editing options available to you. Among other things, you'll be able to convert to bold face, italicize, underline, align the paragraphs, create numbered or bulleted lists, create tables, insert images, change the font styles or sizes, and use different colors of text.

In-line text editing allows you to make your changes and immediately see them just as they will look to your visitors. You've got so many choices at your disposal that you will absolutely be able to package your text just they way you want it.