Initial Parts: Images

Adding Images

Images can be added to your WebSpawner site in any number of ways.

In enhanced level and higher, you can upload your logo into to the header to replace your Site Title, if it is in text. Within the Content Editor, there is an image icon in the options that allows it to slide right in.

It is also a snap to upload an image from your own collection or computer.

You can upload a number of different images; in fact, as many as you want, to create a gallery of images that can be linked to any destination.

In some of the themes you can upload images through the settings to create a slideshow.

It's easy to drag and drop the image module anywhere you want. You can choose the image (from the collection or your computer) and specify the alignment, as well as list some "Alt Text" and, of course, an outgoing link that will send your visitor wherever you want.

You can re-size the image by locating the small square marker at the bottom right-hand corner of the image and simply dragging it until you are able to get to the exact size you want.

Take a look at this quick video that will demonstrate how a new image can be uploaded to a page by browsing through files on your own computer. Just click "Choose an Image" and you will have the option of taking something from an archive you have already brought into your WebSpawner presence, or upload the image from within your file directories.