Edit the Header

Most of the themes available at WebSpawner have a place for the header image. What is a header image? Well, basically it's your logo, if you have a business. If it's a personal site you're creating, you may want to just have a favorite picture.

In the header (at the top of your page), your title can be in either text form or can be an image. This is controlled with the "Edit" button, which you'll see at the very top left-hand corner of the page. Your options are to select the "type" of logo, whether it is text or Image. If it's text, then you would type the text in the box provided. You will also have a number of different font styles and sizes to choose from, so there is flexibility even with this option.

If you choose Image for the header, you can choose one from the collection you have already saved within your WebSpawner site, or upload one that is within your computer's files. Once it is uploaded and in the header, use the marker at the bottom right-hand corner to resize the image to your liking.

WebSpawner offers many design templates that include an area for a header image. As mentioned before, templates may have entirely different functionality. Changing templates can also change certain features that may be specific to that theme.