Create Submenus

One of the useful things you can do at WebSpawner is create sub-menus by taking advantage of the opportunity to manage pages.

Once you have created some pages, you'll want to make the decision as to where they will be situated with regard to the main navigation. You'll have a navigation bar under the header of your WebSpawner site that indicates "Home" and any other areas you want to add.

You can direct all this by going to the top of your interface and finding the drop down that is called "Page." Choose the option "Manage Pages" and you'll see a list of the pages you have created. You'll also notice that there are options; you can "move" additional pages around, in which case you can drag them under whichever main category you want. For example, if you have made "Test Page #1," you can keep that under one of the categories you have created or just drag it up to where it is under the "home" tab. This is the way it will look when visitors run their mouse under "Home" on your actual page.

You can create a tiered system where you have a number of sub-menus, according to how you want the navigation to work.

You can also "Delete" any page, or if you want to work on it further, you can choose "Edit." There are buttons for both of them.

Okay, let's say that you have created  a page but don't want it to be visible through the main navigation or the sub-menus. You have the option of choosing "Hide," in which case the page can not be accessed from the navigation bar. You'll find this may become appropriate when you have built a large WebSpawner site. In a case like that, as soon as you click "Hide" that page will go under a list of "Hidden Pages' that you can also manage.