Create an Image Link


At WebSpawner we give you the opportunity to create links from an image. The process is not complicated at all.

Go to the module where the image is located. Click on the editing symbol in the upper right-hand corner of that module that is right next to the "X."

After you do that, you're going to be confronted with a dialog box that reads "Edit Image."

And at that point, it is a matter of where you want to link the picture to.

You will have to determine the URL of the page, whether it is within your own WebSpawner site or an external link. Either way, you have a space called "Outgoing Link" where you just type in the link. Type it in full (e.g., ""

If you are going to send people to an email address, type in "Mailto:emailaddress" and that is where any clicks from that image will be directed to.

When you are satisfied, click the "Save": button, and you have successfully created an image link!