Change the Theme

You can have virtually any look you want on your WebSpawner site. You can do this by way of "themes." You can choose from a number of different themes, and the good news is that you can change the theme at any points of the editing process, no matter which elements you have on the page. As long as they are saved, they will be represented in the new theme you've changed to.

Note that there are different functionalities according to which theme you have, so not everything may fit the same way, but nothing will get  deleted.

So how do you find all the different themes? That's easy. Just go to the right-hand panel and look for the third icon, which reads, appropriately enough, "Themes." Click on it, and the entire menu of themes will load in. Just scroll down the list through the various themes and click on one of them to instantly see what your site would look like with that theme attached.

Take a look at this video and we'll show you how this is all done.