Add or Edit Text

Want to add some text? Simply do this:

Go to the right-hand menu and click "Modules." Go to the part of the Modules that reads "Text & Forms." You want to find the "Content Editor" icon and drag it onto your page. From there, you just type in yoru text.

In the Content Editor you'll have a host of tools that will help enhance or asdjust your text. Among other things, you'll be able to:

* Create bold face
* Underline text
* Italicize
* Make bulleted lists
* Make numbered lists
* Adjust the font size
* Change the color of text
* Center text, or shift it flush left or flush right
* Paste text from another source
* Create hyperlinks

If you want to add text to your page you'll want to click in Content Editor that works just as any common Word processor.