Add New Pages

Would you like to add a page to your WebSpawner site? Heck, that's easy.

Just go to the drop-down box at the top that is marked "page" and select "Add New Page." You'll have the opportunity to create a page title, which can be changed later, along with the page type, whether it is "Normal" or a "Blog" page. You also have a chance to decide whether it is going to be a part of the main menu, which means whether it will a part of the principal site navigation.

If you go back to the "Page" menu and select "Manage Pages" you can decide which pages are going to be a part of the main site navigation and which are going to be placed under them in the navigation. You can also create a page order by dragging the pages into place.

Within this control panel you can also edit or delete the pages or make the decision as to whether you want to "hide" them. If you hide them, they will not be seen as part of the menu. But they will nonetheless have their own internet address, so you can always create links within the text on any page to link to them.