Add a Twitter Feed

Twitter has a simple widget generator to help you share all your recent tweets with visitors to your WebSpawner site.

If you want to add a twitter feed to your site you must go to this page:

You will look for the right-hand side where it reads "Widgets" and click "Create  New."

The page you come to will say "Create a user widget."

You must follow the steps.

First enter your Username.

Then you explore the options - whether to "Exclude Replies" or not, and to "Auto-expand Photos."

The default height for the widget is 600px. You can change this if you like.

You can go with a "Light" or "Dark" theme.

Your default "Link Color" is blue, although this can be changed by using the palette that is provided when you click in that box.

When you are done with all of that just click "Create Widget" and wait for the code.

Highlight the code and copy it.

Then go to your right-side menu in WebSpanwer, find "Modules" and "Advanced" and drag the "HTML Code" icon onto the page. Then enter the code you got from Twitter. Save what you've done to get the widget activated. You can activate the widget on multiple pages on your WebSpawner site.