Add a Google Search Field

If you want to add a search field to your WebSpawner site, it's really no problem at all.

You can add a Google Custom Search Engine to your site and limit it so that it only searches the content of your site.

First, go to and click the blue Create a Custom Search Engine button.

Log in with your Google account or create a new one if you don't have one already.

Then it will ask you to identify which sites to search. Here you will specify the address (URL) of your WebSpawner site. If it is a sub-domain, enter it as

Then you will choose a language. English should be the default, although there are a lot of languages to choose from.

Now you need to choose if  you want the free Standard Edition that includes ads in the search results or pay $100 a year through Google to have the paid Site Search. The Standard Edition usually works just fine.

When you're done, click the next button to select a look for your search bar.

Highlight the code and copy it.

Then go to your right-side menu in WebSpanwer, find "Modules" and "Advanced" and drag the "HTML Code" icon onto the page. Then enter the code you got from Google. Save what you've done to get the search form activated.

Now, when your visitors use the search bar it will bring up content from your site (and ads if you have chosen to use the free version).  Note that the search element won't work properly until Google has indexed your site which might take up to a week.

To modify the size of the search bar, edit the width percentage in the Google provided code.  The  default size is to 100% but you can make the search half as wide by changing this to 50% and saving and publishing your changes.