Add a Facebook Like Button

With the Facebook Like button you can bring even more new visitors to your WebSpawner site. This is a tool that let's your friends share your site with other people.

First, visit the following link to find a form to setup your like button:

It will ask you to enter a "URL to Like." For this you can enter the URL of your WebSpawner site, whether it is a custom domain or one of our sub-domains, or, if you prefer, you can enter the address of your Facebook Fan Page, if that is the page you would rather the visitor "Liked."

Make sure that the "Send Button" is left unchecked. This is a Facebook option we do not support.

Then determine whether the Layout Style is going to be "Standard," "Button_Count" or "Box_Count." This will alter the example layout shown to the right of the form.

You will have the opportunity to adjust the Width of the button by typing in a pixel count. The size, in pixels, will affect the functionality of the button.

Another interesting feature is the "Show Faces" feature, which will show the profile pictures of some of the people who liked your site.

You are also presented with a number of different font styles which you can choose from to slightly change the look of your button.

When confronted with the "Color Scheme" option, you have a choice between the "Light" or "Dark" button.

And you can have your button say "Like" or "Recommend."

When you have finished with all of those options, click the "Get Code" button and get the code. You may have to log in to Facebook and enter some verification information first.

Now, select the iframe code and copy it.  Please note that the XFBML code will not work properly.

Your next stop would be to go to your right-side menu in WebSpanwer, find "Modules" and "Advanced" and drag the "HTML Code" icon onto the page. Then enter the code you got from Facebook. Save what you've done to get the button activated. You can activate the button on multiple pages on your WebSpawner site.

When people "Like" your site, you'll be able to see just how many have liked it.  Moreover, if others have previously liked your site on Facebook via some other Like button, you can also see that information reflected in the numbers here.