Add a Calendar

Adding a Google Calendar to your WebSpawner site is a great way to inform your visitors of different  events or important dates you may have coming up. 

With this element you'll be able to manage your events via Google's interface but the the changes will be automatically reflected in your website.

First off, you need to create a Google Calendar account or use the one you already have.

When you have added your events to the calendar you can go ahead  and add it to your site by following these steps: 

- Find the calendar list on the left, and click the down-arrow next to the calendar you want to add (you can have more than one calendar).

- Select the Calendar Settings option and head to the Share this Calendar tab.

- Check the box that reads "Make this calendar public."  Save your changes.

- Select the Calendar Details tab and click on the Embed this Calendar section.

- You'll need to copy the provided embed code. This is the piece of information that will add the calendar to your site.

- Now, head to WebSpawner's site editor tray and drag the Embed Widgets/ Code Element to the page you want.

- Select the desired widget and paste the calendar code.

- Save your changes and your calendar should be reflected in your site.

When you want to add or modify and event head to Google Calendar, make your changes and these will automatically show up on the calendar in your site.