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The OPTGROUP element allows authors to group selection list choices into a hierarchy. This is particularly helpful to non-visual user agents when large numbers of options are available to choose from. Possible rendering of this element could be a collapsible hierarchy list of OPTION element content or some presentatin conveying the hierarchy relationship of the OPTION contents. Browsers not supporting this element will "see" only a traditional flat list of OPTION elements. The LABEL attribute for this element is used to provide shorter labels for the nodes of the hierarchical menus.


disabled - This is a stand-alone attribute which indicates the element is initially non-functional.

label - This specifies a shorter alternate label for use in identifying the sub-group of options.

Example code:

<select NAME="Familytree"><option LABEL="Bill" VALUE="bill">Bill Smith<option LABEL="Mary" VALUE="mary">Mary Smith<optgroup LABEL="Joe"><option VALUE="michael">Michael Smith<option VALUE="susan">Susan Smith<option VALUE="howard">Howard Smith</optgroup></select>


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