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The LEGEND element assigns a caption to a FIELDSET grouping of form elements. Using a LEGEND is most useful when pages are rendered using non-visual formats. The ALIGN attribute of this element will allow horizontal and vertical alignment of LEGEND content with respect to the FIELDSET in visual browsers.

Note: Use of the LEGEND element is optional within a FIELDSET, and if used, must immediately follow the opening FIELDSET tag. If the LEGEND element uses the ACCESSKEY attribute, the form control within the parent FIELDSET with the lowest tabbing order receives the focus.


accesskey - This is a method of giving access/focus to an active HTML element using a keyboard character. This is a common GUI paradigm also known as a "keyboard shortcut" or "keyboard accelerator" A single character is used as the value of this attribute. In addition, a platform-dependent key is usually used in combination with the ACCESSKEY character to access the functionality of the active field.

align - Indicates the source URL of the quotation. No rendering directions are given for this attribute.

Example code:

<legend ACCESSKEY=G TABINDEX=1>Gender</legend>
<input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Male>Male</label> <br>
<input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Female>Female</label>



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