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The non-nestable LABEL element accomplishes two tasks: association of a description with a form field control and increasing the size of the active user interface region for selecting the form control. Description attachment is of greatest use to speech-based browsers, while the benefits of an increased user interface region are felt most by users of browsers that accommodate a pointing device (such as a mouse or pen.) Activating a LABEL with a pointing device passes input focus on to its associated form field control.

Labels are attached either explicitly or implicitly. Explicit attachment is accomplished through the use of a form field ID as the value of the FOR attribute. This method allows attachment of a LABEL to a field elsewhere in the document and has the advantage of allowing multiple LABELs to be attached to a single form field.

Form fields are attached implicitly to a LABEL when they are in the contents of the LABEL element. In this case, the LABEL must only contain one form field within the LABEL contents.


accesskey - This is a method of giving access/focus to an active HTML element using a keyboard character. This is a common GUI paradigm also known as a "keyboard shortcut" or "keyboard accelerator" A single character is used as the value of this attribute. In addition, a platform-dependent key is usually used in combination with the ACCESSKEY character to access the functionality of the active field.

for - This attribute identifies which form field the LABEL is attached to. If this attribute is not used, the LABEL is associated with its contents.

onblur - A blur Event Handler executes script code when a hyperlink loses focus.

onfocus - A focus Event Handler executes script code when a hyperlink receives focus by tabbing with the keyboard or clicking with the mouse.

Example code:

<legend ACCESSKEY=G TABINDEX=1>Gender</legend>
<label ACCESSKEY=M><input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Male>
<label ACCESSKEY=F><input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Female>



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