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The nestable FIELDSET element is used to group related form fields together. The grouping of form fields allows for a more intuitive visual user interface while also giving speech-based navigation methods better cues of how to render a page.

The suggested rendering for the FIELDSET element is left to the browser, but will usually take the form of a box around the contents of the FIELDSET. If the optional LEGEND element is present directly after the opening FIELDSET tag, its contents are transposed on top of the region of the FIELDSET bounding box specified in the ALIGN attribute of the LEGEND element.


align - Specifies the alignment of the contents of the FIELDSET.

Example code:

<fieldset><legend ACCESSKEY=G TABINDEX=1>Gender</legend><label ACCESSKEY=M><input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Male>Male</label><br><label ACCESSKEY=F><input TYPE=RADIO NAME=Gender VALUE=Female>Female</label></fieldset>



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