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<BGSOUND> Background Sound


A Background Sound specifies an audio file to be played in the background while viewing a document.


balance - determines how sound output will be balanced in right/left stereo output situation. A value of -10000 is left-only balance, and a value of 10000 represents right-only balance. A value of 0 represents balanced output between the two stereo output devices.

delay - specifies the number of seconds to delay before playing the indicated sound file.

loop - Allows the author to specify the number of times the sound will play.

src - Specifies the URL of the audio file. Allowed formats are .Wav, .Au and Midi files.

volume - This attribute controls the loudness level on the output device of the background sound. A value of zero (0) represents full volume output while -10000 represents zero output volume.

Example code:

<bgsound SRC="" LOOP="infinite">


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