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<BDO> ... <BDO> Bi-directional Override


BIDI override is needed where absolute control over character sequence order is required (such as mixed-language directionality words) and use of the common attribute DIR on other elements fails to produce proper bi-directional rendering. It is also useful in dealing with short pieces of text in which the directionality cannot be clearly resolved from the surrounding context.


dir - On block-level elements, the DIR attribute indicates the base directionality of the text in the block. If omitted it is inherited from the parent element. The default directionality of the overall HTML document is left-to-right. On inline elements, it makes the element start a new directional embedding level. If omitted, the inline element does not start a new embedding level.

language - Specifies a string indicating the language/character set used in in the BDO container.

Example code:

Does this look <bdo DIR="rtl">Backwards</bdo> to you?


Does this look Backwards to you?

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